Officially Radio 2

Have had a bit of a social media hiatus the last week or so as it just made my very big head (literal not metaphorical) hurt too much. And then, I don’t really know why exactly, but I switched to Radio 2 this week. Probably because I had been looking for suitable people to stalk on Twitter and had subliminally stored a few R2 candidates. (Stats so far – following 68. Being followed by 13. In other words – dribble). Instantly, the car journey was interspersed with shoulder shimmies and splayed hands pumping up the sun roof (obviously, not at the same time). And then I realised, I am totally Radio 2 now.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I like my music loud and I sing like my windscreen is a one-way mirror. Sometimes, just sometimes, I catch a glimpse of a dazed driver or a smiling police officer driving out of the McDonald’s car park to help remind me that I am out in public and can be seen. Oh well. Stuff it! At least I made someone smile, I tell myself as pinch my lips tight and flush like a woman of a certain age. Wait a minute! I am a woman of a certain age! How did that happen? Somehow bopping along to You’re getting way too big for your boots isn’t so much fun…or appropriate for that matter. A bit like that woman rapper who looked like David Cameron on the X-Factor. What was her name? I still get a funny feeling in my backside when I think of that one. A bit like when Lisa from The Eggheads breaks into song. Can’t watch. Can’t watch. Please someone – make it stop. I’m going to empty the bin…

So, this week, it was just time. I’m done trying to keep up. I shall move on with grace to Radio 2 and the Bee Gee’s and Madonna and The Temptations and to a time when hits could become an anthem. Have thoroughly enjoyed it too! My boy who I drive to college, not so much.

I am starting a list of innovative ways to promote Jailbird without losing my sanity…or paying some big conglomerate a fortune…or shouting my presence on social media every second of every day. Something more…Radio 2. Please feel free to add to the list and be as inventive as you like (but must be decent)! Here’s all I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Tweet a picture of myself playing 5 Gold Rings, the iPad in one hand, said book in the other (not a face shot. Telly, book, iPad only).

I shall look forward to seeing your ideas!

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