I’m still alive…

Sorry – it’s been a while but have been just getting on with, as Prince would say, this thing called life.

But…first draught of next book nearly complete. I’m at that stage where I cannot stop writing because even I don’t quite know how it’s going to end yet and I’m dying to find out! And when that’s done – the hard work begins. I will go through the whole thing with a fine tooth comb, time and time and time again: editing, buffing, polishing, re-writing, giving the characters life. I expect that will take another 6 months or so…

My relationship with social media continues to be a love/hate thing. Isn’t it just a double edged sword? Last night, I went through my regular trawl of the sites to see if anyone loves me (or should I say, loves my book). I noticed my favourite author of recent, CJ Tudor (amazingly dark and addictive books – give them a try) had been trolled by someone with very low-self esteem and too much time on their hands. I merely suggested this slightly unhinged individual may be the perfect character for her next novel. And CJ Tudor replied…

She really was awfully sweet, and I had to walk round the dining table 5 times and empty the bin to stop myself from writing the first thing which came out my mouth, probably some gushy pile of mush. If only all people employed such tactics – we’d have less regrets and cleaner houses! So, after a few minutes composure, I replied and told her how fab I thought her books were and to keep up the thoroughly brilliant work. Total fan girl here! I stopped myself then – not good to have a troll and borderline stalker in one day. So, I tried to sort out the pile of odd socks in the tumble drier until the notion passed…then scooped it all up in a big bundle and threw it back in to sort out some other time. Life is too short as it is.

So, from something horrid and nasty, I experienced something really lovely. Thank you, troll girl! I am sending you a virtual hug, a consoling pat on the back and lots of positive vibes. I really hope you find some friends and sense of purpose soon…

Sofa day today! Husband’s day off. Kids at school. We’ve both got stinky colds. Lemsips and boxsets it is. Heaven. Hope my sense of taste comes back in time for the really naughty lunch I’m planning on having. Slimming World on Monday. Not sure which Monday though…


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