Just a quickie…

When the laptop dies with 3 full novels and a good chunk of number 4 and you have no clue what your Onedrive login in is as you’ve never needed to use it since you logged in 3 years back…fear not! Little miracles do happen. I found the login in the sorting pile where you NEVER find what you are looking for. MIRACLE…RIGHT…THERE. No robin red breasts or white feathers, but a miracle none-the less. I downloaded Onedrive on to another laptop (well done me, another miracle) and managed to download some of my work…enough to grace me with some sleep tonight. The dilemma is: take the laptop to PC World to get back my missing work but risk the guys who work there seeing my Body Coach starter images? Hm…If it helps, I never finished the course. Never really started it, truth be told. Note to self – back (slap), up (slap), all (slap), your (slap), work (slap), JD (double slap) and delete anything which may lead to your future blackmail. Hope you sleep better than me. x

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