The reluctant blogger!

Hey everyone! Excuse me while I slap myself hard as I…blog!!!! BLOG! I’m the kind of girl who still likes to believe clouds are fluffy white things in the sky, Amazon is a river in South America and music is to be found on small shiny silver discs (or even better – big black glossy ones). This will certainly be a challenge for one as technically challenged as myself. For someone who thought LOL meant ‘Lots of love,’ and gave her heartfelt LOLs to a friend who had recently lost a dearly beloved one. Not friends anymore. But that is the one thing I am good at. A challenge. I have mastered a few skills of late – writing the novel was the easy part. Proof-reading, editing, designing book covers, mastering the whole KDP thing, coming out! “Hi life-long friends and family. I’m a closet novelist.” Arrggghhh!!! Total beamer!! And now this! But in for a penny and all that. I love my new book. I love writing. I want people to read my books and love them too. So here goes! It’s sure to be entertaining. Fancy coming along for the ride?

6 thoughts on “The reluctant blogger!

  1. Well done, me. You are a very brave, silly girl. Go have a wine. You deserve it.


    1. Exciting. You’ll have to leave little clues about the next novel. Like Adele did with her advert – hello …


      1. I would do but it’s very…complicated! X


    2. You definitely do 🍷… Well done!
      So proud of you. Can’t wait to find some time to read your novel but I know it will be fantastic just like you.


  2. You deserve a whole bottle


    1. Oh, alright then Julie. You always did speak sense. X


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